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Shelter for Street Children

Street Children's shelter

Children end up living on the streets for a variety of reasons. Some are orphans whose parents died, others run away from home because of abuse, and some left home because there was no food. Cambodia has thousands of children living on the streets.

Through our partner organization Krousar Thmey, Friendship with Cambodia supports a shelter for street children called Chamkar Morn located in Phnom Penh. The social workers go out at night and invite the new children sleeping on the street to come to the shelter.

It is important to find the new children on the street because once the children discover they can get dollars from tourists, they prefer to live on the streets. They like having money and freedom. Living on the streets is very dangerous for them, because many are trafficked for sex or begging. Over 60% start sniffing glue.

The Chamkar Morn shelter, which accommodates 20-30 children every night, provides a loving environment where the children have their basic needs met. The children help prepare the meals, learn personal hygiene, and have their own classroom for reading, writing, and math.

The social workers assess each child's situation and try to find a long-term solution within 3 months. If possible, the best solution is to re-integrate the child and the parents, sometimes with financial help for the family. The social workers continue working with the family until their situation is improved.

If there are no parents or there is abuse in the family and the child is under 12 years old, then the child will be welcomed into one of Krousar Thmey's Family Houses, where a couple who has their own child raises 10 street children. This environment provides a new family and a happy childhood. For children over age 12, they are welcomed into a Child Protection Center, which has a program designed to help teenagers, including vocational training.

The Chamkar Morn center has an annual budget of $55,000 and helps approximately 80 street children per year.

Street Children's shelter
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