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Friendship with Cambodia Humanitarian Programs

Student Sponsorship Program
Student Sponsorship Program
Poor rural students are given the opportunity to attend university in Cambodia. Funding education helps young people achieve their dreams and give back to their communities. They escape the cycle of poverty. 80% of our students are girls because they are more disadvantaged.

Women's Self-Help Groups and Savings Programs
Small Loans for Women
The poorest women in the village are invited to join a Self-Help Group. They learn how to set goals, start income generation projects, and save money. The women in the group manage their own micro-credit program and support each other. This empowering program helps families overcome poverty.

Shelter for Street Children
Shelter for Street Children
Social workers invite the children living on the street to come to our shelter for food and safety. We protect them from being sexually assaulted, trafficked, or introduced to sniffing glue. We work with the children to find long term solutions.

Recovery for Young Women
who were Sex-Trafficked

Girl sitting at sewing machine
We offer survivors a safe place to live and we help them heal from abuse and trauma. They live in the shelter for a year or so and receive counseling, vocational training, and assistance in starting a new life.

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