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To respond to the suffering in Cambodia by providing humanitarian aid that empowers people to help themselves.

Our wish is to live from our hearts, cultivate compassion, patience and tolerance, embody peace, act with kindness, work together and serve those in need.

Friendship with Cambodia is a non-profit organization that:
  • Promotes cultural understanding, appreciation and cooperation through educational programs about Cambodia.
  • Raises funds for humanitarian projects in Cambodia.
  • Teaches kindness, peace and compassion.
The Need

Thirty years of violence in Cambodia has created widows, orphans and landmine victims. Families have been torn apart by:

  1. Heavy bombing during the Vietnam war.
  2. The Khmer Rouge's genocidal rule from 1975-1979 which resulted in nearly two million people dying from execution, starvation or disease.
  3. Twenty years of civil war from 1979-1998.

Today most Cambodians live in poverty and lack proper nutrition, an education, a decent house, clean drinking water and medical care. Many are impacted by corruption, trafficking and landmines.


Friendship with Cambodia has been active since 1992, initially through collaboration between Bhavia Wagner and Valentina DuBasky. Bhavia and Valentina led a tour to Cambodia in 1994 and were UN observers during the national election in 1998. Since then they have given hundreds of talks, interviews and written articles about Cambodia. In 2002, Soul Survivors - Stories of Women and Children in Cambodia by Bhavia (author) and Valentina (photographer) was published.

On September 27, 2003 Friendship with Cambodia was incorporated as a non-profit. We started a program to help poor rural children finish high school and attend university in Cambodia. Friendship also supports women's self-help and micro-credit groups, a shelter for street children, an orphanage, a program to help women disabled by landmines, and a shelter to help survivors of sex-trafficking. We created the book Socially Responsible Travel Guide Cambodia and have guided seven tours to Cambodia.

Friendship with Cambodia was inspired by the charitable humanitarian work of Mother Teresa, Mata Amritanandamayi, Thich Nhat Hanh and Maha Ghosananda. We choose to focus on Cambodia because the need there is so great.

Please join us in our effort to offer kindness.

We are a 501(c)(3) organization and all donations are tax deductible.

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