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Educate a Girl in Cambodia

(Continued) Everyday, Khuoch gets up at 4 am. She does her homework, carries water to fill the water storage jar, waters the coconut and mango trees, and the mint and lemongrass, and makes rice porridge for breakfast. She leaves her house at 6 am and bikes 45 minutes to school.

Khuoch bikes back home to do more chores and homework on her lunch break. Then, she bikes back to school for her afternoon classes. That's 3 hours of travel! She is determined to get an education. She gets home from school at 6 pm, cares for the chickens and the ox, and has dinner with her parents. At night, she spends 3 hours in a study group, preparing her homework for the next school day.

Khuoch works hard to get an education because she wants to become a teacher so she can help her family and community rise out of poverty. Education for women helps entire communities. They send their own children to school and become involved in community organizations. When girls are in school they are not likely to become victims of sex trafficking. Consider sponsoring a girl to attend school in Cambodia.

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