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Student Sponsorship Program

Nurse-Midwife studentVery few rural students go to university because their families are so poor. Cambodia needs bright children from villages to get a college degree because they help improve the rural areas and become role models where education is not a priority.

Over half the children drop out in grade school. Only 21% enroll in high school. After seeing the success of our university graduates, parents realize that children who get a higher education can help the whole family out of poverty. Another plus is that most of our students return to their villages to help their communities as teachers, health care workers, and social workers.

Friendship with Cambodia supports approximately 48 students in university every year. Eighty percent of our students are girls, because they are more disadvantaged than boys.

Sponsor and StudentThe total cost of sending a student to college averages $1500 per year. This covers room and board, tuition and books, access to a computer, transportation, and support from our staff. Sponsorships start at $360 per year. Sponsors receive photos, a report, and updates about their student.

Our staff help each student choose a major and then choose a university. We help them find housing. Friendship with Cambodia holds weekly meetings for the students. We help them build their speaking skills and self-confidence. Our students get part-time jobs and we help them get internships. If a student has a medical problem, we cover the cost. Almost all of our university graduates get jobs.

We feel so much joy when our students complete their college degrees, because they worked very hard and, with the help of their sponsors, were able to fulfill their dreams.

For $360 annually or $30 a month you can partially support a student in university.

For $1500 annually or $125 a month you can fully support a university student for a year.

The funds will go toward tuition, books, living expenses, and support from our staff.

Learn more about our student sponsorship program in the following documents:

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